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The Asia-Pacific market is driven by three hubs—China, APAC (Singapore), and the Travel Retail Regional Headquarters—each offering boundless opportunities. Explore your potential and be part of our ever-growing diverse team.



APAC Region

Shiseido Asia Pacific was established in Singapore as headquarters for the region in January 2016. With Asia’s massive growth potential and Singapore’s strategic location close to key Asian markets, this has enabled Shiseido to garner deeper Asian consumer insights, localize marketing and most importantly quickly cultivate and deliver brands that Asian customers know and love through faster decision-making and execution. 

Located in the heart of the city’s Central Business District, our office is home to a diverse and multi-cultural team that puts people first; and celebrates innovation, creativity and integrity in all that we do. We truly believe diversity in background and perspective produces innovative thinking, generates better decision making and ultimately drives better business performance across Asia Pacific.

China Region

Shiseido China has formed an all-round organization structure integrating production, marketing, and R&D. With headquarters officially established in Shanghai to further develop business in the region, a highly engaged team close to 10,000 employees commit to sustainable business growth on enriching lives through our wide range of brands and categories. 

We are looking for entrepreneurial and ambitious profiles, wishing to take up the challenges of a multinational company undergoing profound transformation and wanting to have an impact and make things happen. Dare to be a game changer to create BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD! 

Travel Retail

Established in 2016 as Shiseido’s global Duty Free and Travel Retail business, Shiseido Travel Retail is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, and Miami. A multi-faceted channel that operates in airports, downtown stores, border shops, airlines, and ferries, it specializes in creating memorable omnichannel experiences of Shiseido’s portfolio of brands for travelling shoppers.

Embracing the ethos of ‘In Diversity, Strength’, at Shiseido Travel Retail, you will be part of a hyper-connected, multi-cultural team that stretches across the globe. For a fast-paced, dynamic career that transcends borders, find out more by clicking on the job links below!

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Creative Design Manager
Creative Design Manager 上海市 Dec 28, 2021
上海市 Dec 28, 2021
E-Trade Manager
E-Trade Manager 上海市 Jan 12, 2022
上海市 Jan 12, 2022
CRM Manager
CRM Manager 上海市 Jan 12, 2022
上海市 Jan 12, 2022
EC Specialist
EC Specialist 上海市 Jan 10, 2022
上海市 Jan 10, 2022
CDP PO 上海市 Jan 11, 2022
上海市 Jan 11, 2022
Aupres EC Marketing Assist. Mgr.
Aupres EC Marketing Assist. Mgr. 上海市 Jan 11, 2022
上海市 Jan 11, 2022
EC Manager
EC Manager 上海市 Jan 6, 2022
上海市 Jan 6, 2022
Platform Operation (Consumer Insights) 上海市 Jan 6, 2022
Platform Operation (Platform Application) 上海市 Jan 10, 2022
IPSA品牌-数字营销副经理 上海市 Jan 15, 2022
上海市 Jan 15, 2022
EC Manager
EC Manager 上海市 Jan 18, 2022
上海市 Jan 18, 2022
Senior EC Incubation Manager
Senior EC Incubation Manager 上海市 Jan 18, 2022
上海市 Jan 18, 2022
EC Marketing Specialist
EC Marketing Specialist 上海市 Dec 24, 2021
上海市 Dec 24, 2021
Senior CRM Manager
Senior CRM Manager 上海市 Jan 19, 2022
上海市 Jan 19, 2022
ELIXIR-Trade Marketing Specialist
ELIXIR-Trade Marketing Specialist 上海市 Jan 19, 2022
上海市 Jan 19, 2022
Aupres EC Assist. Mgr.
Aupres EC Assist. Mgr. 上海市 Jan 11, 2022
上海市 Jan 11, 2022
产品开发专员 上海 Dec 27, 2021
上海 Dec 27, 2021
Travel Retail - Paralegal
Travel Retail - Paralegal Singapore Jan 13, 2022
Singapore Jan 13, 2022
Travel Retail - SAP Business System Manager Singapore Dec 22, 2021
Travel Retail - Retail Excellence Senior Executive Singapore Dec 24, 2021
Travel Retail - Demand & Supply Planning Executive, Prestige & Fragrance Singapore Dec 31, 2021
Travel Retail - Digital Marketing Senior Manager Singapore Dec 22, 2021
Travel Retail - Retail & Education Admin Executive Singapore Jan 6, 2022
Travel Retail - Retail Design Senior Executive Singapore Jan 11, 2022
Travel Retail - Marketing Senior Executive, Fragrance Singapore Jan 11, 2022
Travel Retail - Store Design & Project Management Executive, Greater China Singapore Dec 31, 2021
Singapore - Training Manager, Shiseido Singapore Dec 27, 2021
Travel Retail - Marketing Senior Manager, Prestige, CPC & Fragrance Singapore Jan 17, 2022
Travel Retail - Commercial Assistant, SEA Singapore Jan 18, 2022
Travel Retail - Marketing Assistant Manager, Shiseido Singapore Jan 19, 2022
Asia Pacific - Regional CRM Director
Asia Pacific - Regional CRM Director Singapore Dec 21, 2021
Singapore Dec 21, 2021
Asia Pacific - Regional Digital Marketing Director Singapore Jan 14, 2022
Singapore - Marketing Executive, Laura Mercier Singapore Jan 1, 2022
Singapore - Business Controlling Manager Singapore Jan 10, 2022
Singapore - Channel Management Manager Singapore Dec 30, 2021
Asia Pacific - Corporate CMI Director
Asia Pacific - Corporate CMI Director Singapore Jan 12, 2022
Singapore Jan 12, 2022
Asia Pacific - Finance Executive
Asia Pacific - Finance Executive Singapore Jan 5, 2022
Singapore Jan 5, 2022
Travel Retail - Retail Education & Makeup Artistry Assistant Manager Shanghai Dec 31, 2021
Senior Accounting Manager - Lead Seoul Jan 7, 2022
NARS Digital & E-commerce Specialist Seoul Jan 14, 2022
Drunk Elephant E-commerce Assistant Seoul Jan 14, 2022
Professional Div. - Sales Analysis Specialist (15-months contract) Seoul Jan 5, 2022
NARS Senior PR & Communications Manager (Maternity Leave Replacement) Seoul Jan 14, 2022
Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Regulatory Affairs Specialist Seoul Jan 13, 2022
Seoul Jan 13, 2022
Shiseido E-commerce Manager
Shiseido E-commerce Manager Seoul Jan 8, 2022
Seoul Jan 8, 2022
Drunk Elephant Marketing Manager Seoul Dec 22, 2021
NARS Product Manager - Associate Seoul Jan 18, 2022
Professional Div. - Product Manager Seoul Dec 23, 2021
Compensation Specialist
Compensation Specialist Seoul Jan 7, 2022
Seoul Jan 7, 2022
Business Partner - Professional Div. (대전) Seoul Jan 13, 2022