Staff, BC Activity Excellence Group

Date:  May 19, 2023
Location:  Tokyo
Company:  Shiseido
Country/Region:  JP
Custom Field 4:  Employee (Permanent)
Company:  Shiseido

Location:  Shiodome
Division:  SHISEIDO Global Brand Unit BC Activity Excellence Group
Job level:  Staff
Reports to:  Group Manager
Contract type:  Full-time

Roles & Responsibilities(業務内容)

・bSHISEIDO Beauty consultant(BC)のヒューマンタッチとデジタルイノベーションを組み合わせたインストア体験を創造し、bSHISEIDOとお客さまを最前線でつなぐ「Beauty Expert」としての業務 
・bSHISEIDOのBC資産の見直し、役割・存在意義の再定義を行い、今後のBC活動の基盤を構築 し、企画推進する                                                                                                                                   


・Create an in-store experience that combines bSHISEIDO BC's human touch and digital innovation, and work as a "Beauty Expert" who connects bSHISEIDO and customers at the forefront                                               
・Review bSHISEIDO’s BC assets, redefine roles and significance of existence, build a foundation for future BC activities, and promote planning
・Development of in-store information that clearly conveys the brand's unique in-store experience and the POD and benefits of each product to customers
・Development of in-store experience tools (skin diagnostic equipment, digital tools, leaflets, etc.)
・Plan BC activities in line with the above, incorporate them into training materials, clearly communicate information to RHQ, and improve BC activities      



・Has marketing knowledge and understands the basics of In-store experience and customer service in beauty
・Understanding Shiseido beauty theory and beauty methods, planning and building, and experience in developing brand information
・Be able to take initiative, draw up an action plan, and take action, even if it is outside your area of ​​specialization
・Able to communicate with overseas stakeholders and tenaciously promote business
・Able to promote the project while involving others while maintaining respect and humility for those around them
・Highly conscious of improving English skills