Assistant Product Manager PR & Communication - Cosmetics & C&PC Brands

Date:  Mar 14, 2023
Location:  Taipei
Company:  Shiseido
Country/Region:  TW
Custom Field 4:  Employee (Permanent)
Company:  Shiseido

-Principle Objectives:
The position will be responsible for Communication/ PR/ WOM & BUZZ and assist in Media Buy campaigns to drive awareness, consideration, and conversion: paid/ earned media are included. This role will lead the implementation and optimize our media investments to drive business in Omni-selling channels.

-Brand In Charge:
Cosmetic & personal care brands.

1. Content Management:
Build up creative, comprehensive, and concrete communication strategy/ contents/ article titles/catchphrases/ wording throughout Omni-communication channels to reach the brand’s annual goals, and follow up on execution and KPI analysis.
2. Trend Listening:
Use social listening tools to find consumer insights. Be sensitive to the trend and nowness in the beauty industry and give professional feedback and advice to the brand in order to drive business.
3. Brand Equity Management:
Monitor, maintain and strengthen consistent brand identity with the brand’s DNA and certain aesthetic standards and maximize awareness on all platforms. Secure media placements in beauty publications and online outlets.

-Public Relationships Management
1. Connection Management:
Build (celebrity, media, influencer, content creator, etc.) valuable connections. Inspire them with timely, accurate, and positive materials to earn well-informed coverages. Maintain the Brand’s existing connections and further expand the scope of collaborations.
2. PR Event Management:
Plan and execute all the Media/Influencers events; New launch events, monthly unboxing gatherings, and gifting/ seeding plans, etc. Monitor the following exposures and optimize the event results.
3. Crisis Management:
Be capable of dealing with instant crises and act swiftly.

1. Forums and Word of Mouth:
Plan a vision of credible information in the consumer’s journey to create buzz and further motivate the purchasing incentives.
2. Social Listening:
Use social listening tools to find valuable consumer insights. Issue buzz report periodically to keep all departments aligned with the latest buzz situations and action plans.

-Media Buy
1. Celebrity/ Influencer Collaborations:
In charge of all the celebrity/influencer collaboration projects and working with external agencies to track and analyze all the data in order to optimize the outcome.
2. Content Supervising:
Supervise all the advertising content, graphics, and wording.
3. Media/ Advertising Buying Plan:
Participate in the development of the brand’s quarterly media buying strategy and support marketing to execute the plan.

-Cross-Functional Communication
1. Budget Control:
Plan and control annual/ quarterly/ project-based budgets.
2. PR Department Supports:
Support department affairs and other team members with major projects and cross-brand projects.
3. Cross-Department Communication:
Communicate with other departments (marketing, trade, sales, EC), integrate their goals and mission, and provide professional input to steer our brand to success.

Job Segment: Marketing Communications, Advertising, Product Manager, Equity, Marketing Manager, Marketing, Operations, Finance