Asia Pacific - IT Digital Projects Intern

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Date: 22 Mar 2024

Location: Singapore, 01, SG

Company: Shiseido

Shiseido is looking for an IT Digital Projects Intern who is able to commit during the summer internship period of May - August. Candidates who are able to commit are welcomed to apply accordingly.




Purpose of Hiring an Intern for Digital Projects Support

To expose the intern to diverse digital projects—such as staff portal enhancement, data extractions, and API development—allows the intern to explore different facets of digital technology. Additionally, the intern provides crucial support for daily operations in the regions and assists in analysing reported issues.






The responsibilities for the revamp of our Staff portal:

  1. Research:
    • Analyzing User Needs and Requirements:
      • Conducts thorough research to understand the needs, preferences, and pain points of staff using the portal.
      • They gather insights through surveys, interviews, and user feedback.
    • Proposing Solutions Based on Findings:
      • Proposes solutions to address identified gaps.
      • These solutions may involve feature enhancements, usability improvements, or process streamlining.
  2. Design:
    • Improving the Current UX/UI:
      • Design improvements may include layout adjustments, color schemes, and navigation enhancements.
  3. Development and Configuration:
    • System Development:
      • Writes code, create database structures, and ensure seamless integration with other systems.
    • Configuration and Iteration Delivery:
      • Configures settings, permissions, and access controls within the portal.
  4. Support:
    • Providing User Training and Addressing Queries:
      • Conducts training sessions for staff, ensuring they understand how to use the portal effectively.
    • Maintaining and Enhancing the Portal:
      • Regular monitoring, bug fixes, and updates are part of their responsibilities.



The responsibilities for data extractions and API development within a data lake:

  1. Data Extractions:
    • Retrieving relevant information from various sources within the data lake.
    • Ensuring accuracy, integrity, and compliance with privacy regulations.
  2. API Development:
    • Creating and maintaining interfaces (APIs) for seamless data access and integration.
    • Facilitating communication between different systems within the data lake ecosystem.



Soft Skills:

  1. Communication:
    • Clear and friendly communication.
  2. Problem-Solving:
    • Think creatively and find effective solutions.
  3. Teamwork:
    • Contribute actively and seek feedback.
  4. Adaptability:
    • Be open to learning new tools and technologies.

Technical Skills:

  1. UX Design Basics:
    • Understand user experience principles.
  2. Front-End Basics:
    • Know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  3. Back-End Basics:
    • Learn and perform back-end programming.
  4. Database Fundamentals:
    • Understand data storage.
  5. API Concepts:
    • Learn and develop RESTful APIs.
  6. Security Awareness:
    • Follow privacy regulations and secure practices.

Job Segment: Summer Internship, Intern, Web Design, Entry Level, Research, Creative

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