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Shiseido Senior Sales Manager - Function Leader

Job Description

  • Manage shop to maximize brand extension
  • Adjust all major contracts with major customers
  • Do regular check-up, writes a report, and analyze it before and after a meeting with major customers
  • Maintain continuous contracts and provides appropriate sales service support
  • Show ability for sales program and sales service and ensures new/revised sales plan continue
  • Achieve annual/quarterly/monthly sales goal
  • Start and maintain cooperative network with major customers
  • Develop sales presentations (such as presentation of sales/marketing program or participation) and cooperates with a training team, a marketing team, and a PR team on a current/future program
  • Communicate effectively (conflict/sales contract/service etc.), analyze and adjusts rate of return in stores, shares ideas with GL on new sales work and reports on it.
  • Develop and nurture human resources
  • managing and motivating the retail store teams to increase sales and ensure efficiency;
  • Analyze sales figures and forecasting future sales volumes to maximize profits
  • Use information technology to record sales figures, for data analysis and forward planning
  • Deal with staffing issues such as interviewing potential staff, conducting appraisals and performance reviews, as well as providing or organizing training and development;
  • Tour the sales floor regularly, talking to colleagues and customers, and identifying business opportunities or resolving possible issues;
  • Maintain awareness of market trends in the retail industry, understanding forthcoming customer initiatives and monitoring what local competitors are doing;
  • Deal with sales, as and when required;


Job Requirements

  • A college-level education or equivalent
  • Preference of more than 10 years of experience in the related work
  • Team leader career
  • Robust analytics, prioritization, problem-solving skills
  • Excellent team play, interpersonal skills, and the ability to interact with everyone in the organization
  • Open-minded, active tendency to accept different opinions from different perspectives
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