Staff, R&D Opportunity Analysis Department

Date:  Oct 3, 2023
Location:  Kanagawa
Company:  Shiseido
Country/Region:  JP
Custom Field 4:  Employee (Permanent)
Company:  Shiseido

Location: グローバルイノベーションセンター
Division:  R&D Opportunity Analysis department 
Job level: Staff
Report to: Group Manager
Contract type: Full time



Roles & Responsibilities


To articulate future opportunities with a market & consumer perspective, to contribute to accelerate new value in R&D & company.  
>To lead a task force for analisys for market & consumer in opportunity analysis process 
>To lead workshop with various deparmetnt and consumer research in core tech project to articulate consumer insight to update future core tech strategy. 
>To support consumer researches that other departments own by cordinating with third party of research agancies. 




1. Capability   >Comprehensive knowledge for cosumetic markets & consumers
                       >Analyzing future consumer insights & values and 
                         strategically visualizing articulated opportunities.  
                       >Project management skill
2. Experiences  >Over 5-10 years experiences in CMI and/or in research agencies department 
                         and/or in brand strategy of cosmetic company    
3. Quality/talent >Communicating well with various stakeholders who have different 
                         >Ideating out of box ideas, flexible, open-minded, curiousity, 

Job Segment: R&D, Research