R&D Manager, Global Professional Business Div. Shiseido Professional Brand Unit

Date:  Jun 16, 2022
Location:  Kanagawa
Company:  Shiseido
Country/Region:  JP
Custom Field 4:  Employee (Permanent)
Company:  Shiseido

Location: Shiseido Global Innovation Center
Division:  Global Professional Business Div. Shiseido Professional Brand Unit
Job level: Manager
Reports to: Group Manager
Contract type: Full-time

Roles & Responsibilities(業務内容)
企業使命「BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD (ビューティーイノベーションでよりよい世界を)」の実現に取り組みます。
Join the Global R&D team for Shiseido's Global Professional Division focusing on innovative research & product development for salon professional industry in Japan/China/APAC. Dedicated to premium, salon professional solutions in hair category for in-salon service and home care usage, we offer technological advanced solutions for hair coloration, perm/straightening, hair care, scalp care, hair growth and hair styling. As part of Shiseido's corporate Global Innovation Center (GIC) we strive for Beauty Innovations for a Better World.

 (The Deputy Manager reports to and supports Global Professional R&D Group Manager)
- グローバルなサロン業界での展開に向けて、ヘア製品カテゴリーの研究開発・イノベーションを共にリードする
 (Co-lead R&D innovations and operations for Global professional hair product categories) 
- 資生堂GICおよび外部団体・関係者の窓口としてR&D GMをサポート
 (Support R&D head as key contact to Shiseido GIC and external associations / stakeholders)
- 持続可能なイノベーション・パイプラインを確保するための処方開発と基礎研究をヘアカテゴリー全般で舵取りする
 (Steer formula development & Basic research to ensure sustainable innovation pipeline across all hair categories)
- 日本・中国・APAC地域の現地要件に沿って品質保証基準・薬事業務を管理
 (Manage quality assurance standards / Pharmaceutical affairs regulation in-line with local requirements in Japan/China/APAC)
- メーカー・OEM・原材料管理を概観
 (Overview manufacturer/OEM/raw material management)
- 正確な製品情報・知的財産管理を確保
 (Ensure accurate product information / intellectual property management)
 (Co-develop R&D strategy and action plan aligned with Professional business strategic roadmap and Shiseido's GIC strategy)
- 社内外の部門・事業部横断プロジェクトメンバー(特に資生堂GIC)との緊密な連携とコミュニケーション
 (Close collaboration and communication with internal and external cross-department /- divisional project members (especially Shiseido GIC))
- チーム・部門間のプロジェクトを主導し、携わる
 (Lead and engage in cross-team / cross-department projects)
- 人材を開発し、チームメンバー全員のやる気を引き出す
 (Engage to develop talents and motivate all team members)

 (15yrs experience in R&D)
- 日本・中国・APAC市場に向けたヘアカラー、パーマ、ヘアケア、育毛製品の処方開発および薬事業務経験
 (Formula development and pharmaceutical affairs experience in hair color, perm, hair care, hair growth for JP/CN/APAC markets)
- 国内および海外メーカーとのOEM生産の運営経験
 (OEM production steering experience with domestic and oversea manaufacturers)
- 品質管理および様々な試験や解析方法論の経験
 (Quality control management and experience in diverse testing and analysis methodologies)
- ヘア製品の研究開発に関する知識と経験(カラー、パーマ、育毛、ヘアケア)
 (Knowledge/experience in hair product R&D (color, perm, hair growth, hair care))
- 技術者の知識と管理スキルのバランスが取れている
 (Good balance of technical expert knowledge and management skills)
- 戦略的かつ実践的、視野が広く、変革とイノベーションを牽引できる
 (Strategic, hands-on, think big mentality to drive change and innovation)
- 大規模なチームでのリーダー・人材管理経験
 (Leadership / people management experience of big sized team)
- ビジネス英語・日本語
 (Business english / japanese)


Job Segment: R&D, Home Care, QA, QC, Research, Healthcare, Quality