EC Specialist-JD

日期: 2022-9-11

地点: 上海市, SH, CN

公司名: Shiseido

Purpose of the Position

  1. To achieve the business goal of dp JD, PDD and other EC platforms
  2. To deliver a sustainable growth by leveraging and maximum brand resources on existing channels.
  3. To explore and evaluate new opportunities on marketplace.


< Key responsibilities>

  1. Take the responsibility of the JD, PDD and other EC store annual plan and ongoing analysis of key business metrics including key item sales, site traffic, conversion analysis, consumer behavior, marketing programs etc.
  2. Manage plans and execution of dp JD, PDD and other EC store in terms of daily operation, activity planning, customer service and logistic delivery.
  3. Work with TP in developing and implementing online promotion campaigns.
  4. Initiate annual new channel development plan and initiate granular action plan to secure the progress is on track.
  5. Closely work with MKT team and CRM team for planning activities to gain sustainable growth.
  6. Keep alignment with MKT team to keep brand image and equity.



  1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years working experience in EC operation, paid media related is mandatory.
  2. Strong project and business management skill and solid knowhow of e commerce. JD,PDD related experience is must.
  3. New channel or project management experience is as plus.
  4. Taking MKT plan as integration and execution ability with cooperating to EC-team and MKT-communication team.
  5. Ability to respond changeable consumer and market needs flexibly and promptly.