Travel Retail

Travel Retail

Beauty Innovations for a better world


At Shiseido Travel Retail, you will be part of a dynamic, multi-national team that stretches across the globe. The Shiseido Travel Retail region is headquartered in the strategic Asia Pacific hub of Singapore.


Shiseido Travel Retail specialises in the duty-free channel including airports, downtown locations, cruises and border shops.

To ensure dedicated regional focus and support, our team also operates out of Paris, Miami, Dubai, Shanghai, Hong Kong & Tokyo. At Shiseido Travel Retail we apply a People First mindset, where our employees are the heart of all that we do.

Love the Difference

‘In Diversity, Strength’ is one of the core values of the Shiseido Group - a value that we believe truly characterises the work culture at Shiseido Travel Retail.

We try to create an energetic organisation that provides an open environment for creativity and innovation, by embracing our diverse ethos and multi-cultural team. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own talents, unique perspectives and skillsets to the table.

This element of our internal DNA enables us to be flexible in responding to an ever-evolving business environment where a pioneering spirit is key to staying ahead of the curve.


Cultivating genuine relationships and inspiring people to live beautifully is part of our consumer-centric approach at Shiseido Travel Retail. At Shiseido Travel Retail we believe that beauty lies not only in appearance but also through the heart, manner, and lifestyle.


The Japanese concept of omotenashi is at the heart of this – a rich connection in which trust, hospitality and respect are interwoven. Omotenashi is intrinsic to every aspect of the way Shiseido Travel Retail operates.